Sunday, February 25, 2007

The end of a chapter, the beginning of another

One last this blog. For those that read this blog regularly, I apologize for dropping the ball and not writing more often. I was thinking that, being 10 months down the road from my last treatment, that my "ECT Journey" was over. This blog began as a way to record the day to day activity as I went through ECT treatments. Those treatments are over and the dust has settled. But, as SallyT informed me (thanks SallyT), my ECT journey will never really be over (assuming that the side effects never go away and I never become rid of this mood disorder.) It just continues in a different sense and it seems logical to chronicle the "going forward" part in a new blog, one focused on being a former ECT patient and on dealing with bipolar disorder after ECT. So...onward. Join me at the new blog site: Thanks for reading and for your many comments. Stay tuned.


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